Dream Mentors

Dream Mentors is a new program designed to bring our students and mentors together over an eMentoring platform for an hour session each week. There are currently 10 students in our pilot program and during each session, students work to develop a variety of skills including grit, curiosity and proper social behaviors. Most students utilize the school computer lab to participate in sessions and are supervised by a faculty member. We see our success with Dream Mentors prograg influencing the future of mentoring at Supplies for Dreams in two key ways:

1) Improved metrics. Dream Mentors is goal-driven, particularly in regards to developing the characteristics associated with success in our students, such as grit or curiosity. We are emulating the parameters tracked by the KIPP Public Charter Schools to place rigor around our program.

2) Structured curricula Dream Mentors provides a more structured curricula for our mentors rather than leaving it to each mentor to craft weekly activities. A standardized curricula will help nominalize the results and impact we are seeing in our programs.