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5,570 students supported.

Since 2009, Supplies for Dreams has directed over $200,000 to programs and supported 5,570 Chicago Public Schools (CPS) students.

A Promise to Our Partners

We provide our partner schools with 100% support. That means that our partner schools enjoy access to all of our programs and resources.

In each partner school, we:

Equip Minds

Dream Drive is where SFD began—a simple idea that makes a big difference. Many CPS students do not have the means to purchase the basic school supplies that they need to begin their educational journeys. We gather funds and in-kind donations to equip students with pencils, notebooks, binders and other grade-appropriate learning tools that parents might not otherwise be able to afford. The goal is not only to donate backpacks full of supplies, but to lay a strong foundation for each student’s educational future. Learn More >>

Spark Curiosity

The Award-a-Field Trip (AAFT) program provides students with an exciting learning experience at world-renowned museums in Chicago. Students learn about new cultural and historical perspectives in an interactive and memorable way. The AAFT program aims to ensure that all students have the chance to be inspired by their world and the opportunities that it offers them. Learn More >>

Unlock Potential

The goal of the Academic Enrichment program is to help each student reach his or her maximum potential by offering one-on-one mentoring. Mentors work week in, week out with students to improve their academic performance (through grades and test scores) and their attitudes toward their educational futures. The mentors also work to develop strong relationships with their mentees so they can provide holistic support for the students. Learn More >>

How You Can Help

myDreams is a website where you can create fundraising projects and collect donations. Share your project with the world and support students with the highest potentials and the most needs.

Chaperone a field trip or participate in one of our exciting events. Learn more about how you can dedicate your time and energy towards one of our programs.