Academic Enrichment

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In-person Mentoring

Academic Enrichment provides weekly, one-on-one mentoring for 6th grade students at our partner schools.
   • 1:1 ratio will give students the attention they need and help foster close mentor-mentee relationships
   • A whole school year of weekly mentoring for consistent impact
   • College mentors as role-models who will inspire the mentees, make them see their potential, and hold them accountable to their goals
   • Interactive activities and independent projects to spark their curiosity and imagination

Our Focus

We work to build our students’ character strengths, which will have a greater long-term positive impact on our students than providing homework help.

Grit: a combination of persistence and resilience.
   • Finishes whatever he/she begins
   • Keeps trying even after experiencing failure
   • Unyielding courage in the face of hardship

Curiosity: desire for knowledge that motivates individuals to learn new ideas, close information-gaps, and solve intellectual problems.
   • Eager to explore/learn new things
   • Asks questions to deepen understanding
   • Actively listens to others
   • Observant of his/her surroundings

Self-Control: ability to control one’s emotions, behavior, and desires.
   • School work: pays attention and resists distractions; remembers/follows directions; gets to work right away rather than procrastinating
   • Interpersonal: remains calm even when criticized; allows other to speak without interruption; is polite to adults and peers

Career Exploration: Introducing students to different careers to make them see the endless options they have and what it takes to achieve their goals. For example, a session introducing Engineering would involve learning different types of engineering, what do they do, what do they have to learn to become one, and building a hovercraft. Other careers include: doctor, writer, artist, journalist, lawyer, salesperson, small business owner, etc.

Entrepreneurship: Creating a business/product through a 9-week curriculum. There is no limitation — it can be a traditional business or a wild idea for future technology.They will walk through phases of brainstorming, how to begin a business, facing failures, measuring risks, budgeting, marketing, etc.

Community Engagement: Foster greater understanding and involvement of the community in which the students’ school is located. Programming includes:
   • Guest speaker from local service organization
   • Student’s own community engagement project
   • Volunteering at local service organization