Unlocking Potential in New Ways

Having a mentor means having a believer and a supporter.  This year, Supplies for Dreams has 33 students from Northwestern University who mentor at all of our partner schools each week through our Academic Enrichment program.  Each mentoring session is a 90 minute meeting where our mentors provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to grow in any field they wish to pursue.

Beginning this year, Academic Enrichment is dividing the curriculum into three themes, “Health” “Planning for the Future” and “Community Engagement”.  In one health themed session, the students made a healthy snack and then talked about how to read food labels. Each quarter, all of the mentees will work on a project corresponding to the theme. In the Winter, students will be putting together a presentation on a profession which they want to pursue when they graduate. Our mentors will focus on each theme for a third of the school year while also continuing to tutor the students and maximize their success in the classroom.

Supplies for Dreams believes that this new curriculum incorporates more goal-setting and stresses the values which will help the students be successful in all of their activities. We are very excited to explore this new way of teaching and have another great year of mentoring!