The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is the 3rd largest public school system in the country with more than 400,000 students in 681 schools. More than 21,000 teachers serve students from all racial backgrounds, including 42% African-Americans, 44% Latinos, 9% Whites, and 3% Asian or Pacific Islanders.

87% of students in the CPS are from low-income families and qualify for federal free or reduced lunch programs. Many cannot afford basic resources such as school supplies.

High Dropout Rate

40% of all CPS students will fail to graduate from high school. That means that almost half of all students will drop out and never earn a degree. What does that mean for America’s future?

The Bottom Line

CPS has been unable to provide most of its students with a realistic path to securing a college education.

Currently, 94 out of every 100 students who enroll in CPS will never graduate from a 2-year or 4-year college by the time they are 25.

That means only six of these 100 students will ever achieve academically what others might take for granted

So what?

A high school dropout will earn less than half the amount a high school graduate will earn over a lifetime. The cost to society, in terms of lost productivity and costs of services, will amount to $71,000 per student each year and $2.8 million over a lifetime.

Crime & Incarceration

High school dropouts are 3.5 times more likely to be incarcerated. According to the American Youth Policy, “three-quarters of state prison inmates are drop-outs, as are 59% of federal inmates”. Once in prison, the inmates can cost taxpayers an average of $31,000 a year. Yet, national public spending per student was only $10,441 during the 2008-2009 school year.

How You Can Help

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