Moos visits the Field Museum

Posted on June 01, 2022 by Jessica Ma

June 1, 2022

On Saturday, Supplies for Dreams chaperones accompanied students from Moos Elementary School to the Field Museum.

In the Grainger Hall of Gems, the group examined gemstones and meteorites. Then, they visited the Evolving Planet exhibit to learn about the history of Earth. Of course, everyone took a picture with SUE, one of the largest known skeletons of the T.Rex!

Northwestern sophomore Anna Blaszkiewicz, an SFD chaperone, said Saturday’s excursion was the first museum field trip in a while. In the past, SFD was not able to host field trips due to pandemic restrictions, she said. 

Blaszkiewicz said she is excited to see SFD do more field trips in the future. SFD members should chaperone more field trips, she said, because they’re super fun. 

“The kids were all very excited to pick exhibits (to visit),” Blaszkiewicz said. “It was really good to see them get excited about learning new things.”