Rich extracurricular experiences

We believe that learning happens in various environments. Our programs supplement classroom learning by providing rich extracurricular experiences to students.

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Equip Minds

Dream Drive is our oldest program. Since 2009, we have provided more than 12,000 students with backpacks and school supplies. Today, we work with Cradles to Crayons to provide students across Chicago with the basic resources they need to succeed.

Spark Curiosity

Our students embark on engaging field trips to Chicago's renowned museums including the Field Museum and Adler Planetarium. Each field trip is accompanied by Supplies for Dreams chaperones and volunteers, and has a carefully crafted curriculum to ensure that what students learn on the trip matches what they learn in the classroom.

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Unlock Potential

Every week, dozens of mentors from area universities meet with students to provide life coaching and support academic efforts. Our goal is to ensure that each student has a healthy role model.


To date, our programs have provided more than 10,000 students with rich extracurricular opportunities and more than 15,000 students with backpacks and school supplies.

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