Our Mission is to Equalize Learning Opportunities

We see a world where the opportunity to learn and achieve is not determined by a person’s neighborhood or class, but by that individual’s passion and persistence for learning. Supplies for Dreams partners with local universities to provide Chicago Public Schools students with basic resources and extracurricular opportunities.

Our Principles

  • Focus on core competencies
  • We invest in our strengths and partner with other organizations where we lack expertise. Increase funding for programs focused on providing rich extra-curricular experiences.
  • Increase investment in technology
  • We actively explore technologies that can help students better engage with educational content and enhance extra-curricular experiences
  • Leverage Chicago universities and colleges
  • We believe in the power of university and college students to make a difference in their communities. We currently operate at Northwestern University, Loyola University, and University of Chicago with plans to expand further.
Our Partners
Our work would not be possible without the generous support of our partner organizations.

Volunteering Opportunities

We're always on the look for new and eager students. Come on a fieldtrip with our students.


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Annual Reports

We are committed to accountability adn trasparency. Read our annual reports adn view our financials.

Annual Reports